Art Studio

I just finished painting the walls in my art studio. It was super messy and a lot of work, but so much fun! My idea with my studio was I really wanted it to look like an art studio, and had the idea of having paint dripping down the walls and from the ceiling. Pink hasn't been a favorite color since I was 6, but lately I'm really digging it and it became the main color for my art studio.




Glidden Diamond in Eggshell

Colors: Pink Gazebo, Island Shores and Corn Moon 

First I did a layer of the Corn Moon (that name is awful, but the color is amazing). I played around with a few ways to make the paint drip, and ultimately the best technique was using a hair coloring bottle. I didn't really have a plan. I'm a sort-of-plan-it-out-then-do-the-rest-by-instinct kinda gal. 

After the yellow I just started placing Island Shores wherever I felt it would look good, then did the same with the pink. I went back in with different colors to break up solid patches. After I was done with the walls, I decided the base looked bare so I added pink to the bottom and left rough paint strokes. 

Jarrod installed a new light fixture from Lowes, but I still need to get different light bulbs. The ones that it came with are very yellow, which just doesn't work in a studio setting. 

I'm about halfway through getting all of the furniture and art supplies organized and stuff hung on the walls. I'll post once I'm done!