Not Sorry

The other day Jarrod and I were picking up some food from Cafe Rio. As we were pulling into the parking lot, a woman was about to cross the street, then looked ashamed and backed up. She had the right of way, yet she seemed to not want to inconvenience us. We started talking about how so many women feel ashamed to take up space and worry far too often about inconveniencing anyone. Feelings of selfishness if we put ourselves first. Afraid to speak up when uncomfortable or upset, not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings. 

As we were talking about it a painting started taking form in my mind, a woman looking down and out of place, the word’s “Sorry” and “I’m sorry” repeated over and over across the painting, flying out of the woman’s mouth and snaking it’s way down and around her body. Right after that I thought “Why not do a painting that’s empowering and positive?” So I went in the very opposite direction and chose two words,”Not Sorry.”